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Selling Canva prints on etsy is a great way to make passive income online. Etsy is a large digital products marketplace, and buyers are specifically seeking out the types of digital products they need.

The first thing you should do is determine if there’s a market for your particular Canva template designs on Etsy. This will help you decide if your business idea is viable.

Create a Design That’s Unique to You

Canva has a wide range of free elements, fonts and graphic resources, so it’s important to create your own unique Canva templates for resale. This will ensure that your designs aren’t a copy of someone else’s and won’t violate Canva’s Terms and Conditions.

Consider Selling Digital Downloads

There are many ways you can sell your Canva designs on Etsy, but one of the most popular is to offer them as digital downloads. This is because customers can easily access your template by downloading a file that links them to your design.

You can also sell a digital download that allows customers to use your design as their own, but this will require you to provide a downloadable link so that your customer can access your design with their own account. This can be a problem, especially for customers who are using Canva on a free account, so it’s important to avoid this type of offer.

Keep Your Designs Fresh

Keeping your Canva templates updated is key to making them relevant for your audience and attracting more customers. This can be done by adding new images to your designs, updating the fonts used, and updating the layout of your template. Creating these updates will make your template more appealing to customers and increase the chances of them purchasing it.