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Airbnb cleaning can be a tricky task. It involves many different parts and requires a lot of physical effort.

However, it can be done and there are a number of tips that can help make the job easier. Having a professional cleaning service can also help boost your search engine rankings and increase bookings.


An Airbnb is an online marketplace where potential guests (known as “guests”) can rent a room and/or house or even a caravan from a home owner (known as a “host”). Most of the time, these oh-so-casual visitors stay anywhere from one night to months. This is a popular alternative to traditional hotels and hostels because it allows people with different budgets to spend more on the things they enjoy doing.

Fortunately, there are many reputable online services that allow hosts to advertise their wares. The best ones have a solid track record of being safe, clean and trustworthy. If you’re thinking about listing your home on one of these services, here are some tips to help make the process as painless as possible. For instance, make sure that your property has been inspected and is clean and in good working order before you go live on the internet. Likewise, be sure to read all the terms and conditions before signing on the dotted line.

Cleaning Tools

The right cleaning tools and techniques can help you keep your airbnb clean and sanitized for your guests, so they can enjoy their stay. In addition to basic supplies like vacuums and rags, you may want to stock up on disinfecting products.

Many hosts prefer using non-toxic, all-natural, or organic products to avoid harsh chemicals. However, if you use these types of products, you’ll need to make sure they are effective at removing dirt and dust from your home.

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, you’ll need to invest in disinfecting products that are able to kill different types of bacteria and viruses. Check with your local governmental agencies to find approved disinfectants that are safe for your Airbnb and your guests.

To keep your floors and furniture free from grime, you’ll need a good vacuum cleaner that has a power head attachment. These are typically more expensive than normal vacuums, but they save you time by reducing the amount of sweeping and cleaning that you have to do.

Another essential item is a mop. These are a must for every host and can be especially helpful for rugs or hard floors. You can find them with a foot pedal that spins the mop, which helps to cut down on water streaks.

Lint rollers are also a must-have, especially for sheets, since they can help you pick up all the loose fibers that get in the way of cleaning. They’re an easy addition to your Airbnb cleaning checklist that will save you tons of time!

A cleaning caddy is a great idea for anyone who has their Airbnb in a basement or up a flight of stairs. It will keep all of your cleaning products in one place and you won’t have to rummage through them. This can be particularly useful if you are cleaning multiple rooms at once, as it will eliminate the need to run back and forth between rooms for products.

Finally, it’s always a good idea to buy your cleaning supplies in bulk so you don’t run out between guests. This will make your cleaning process much more efficient and will give you peace of mind that you’re getting the best quality cleaning products possible!


Dust is one of the biggest enemies to an airbnb. A small dust bunny can be a deal breaker for many guests, and it’s something that most hosts don’t pay much attention to when they’re cleaning for their own home.

That’s why if you’re an airbnb host, you need to make sure that your house is dust free at all times. This not only helps your Airbnb look its best, but also ensures that you’ll receive stellar reviews from your guests.

You can start by dusting the areas in your rental that are likely to be most used, like the living room and kitchen. It can be a good idea to separate these areas into different cleaning tasks so that you can make sure each area gets cleaned thoroughly and quickly.

Next, dust the furniture, beds, curtains, and window frames in your vacation home. You can use a duster or microfiber cloth to dust these items.

Finally, you should vacuum the floors and corners of your rental’s rooms. This will remove a lot of the dust that was previously trapped on the surfaces and will help you clean your Airbnb faster than ever before.

Another great way to speed up your airbnb cleaning is by using a caddy to store all of your cleaning supplies. You can choose a caddy with multiple areas so that you can easily grab all of the cleaning supplies that you need when you need them.

This will help you get the job done faster and will save you time in the long run as well. The last thing you want to do is waste time searching for all the things that you need!

Once you’re finished with dusting, it’s a good idea to wipe down the floors and any other high-traffic areas that need to be wiped down. This will help you clean the rental quicker and it will also ensure that your guests are left with a beautiful vacation home that they can’t wait to come back to.

Once you’ve completed the dusting and other basic tasks, it’s a good idea to take stock of all of your cleaning supplies. This will help you remember when it’s time to restock and make sure that you’ve got everything that you need on hand when you need it.

Trash Removal

As an Airbnb host, you have a lot of responsibilities when it comes to keeping your property clean. This includes regular cleaning as well as occasional deep cleaning. One of the most important tasks is trash removal. If you don’t remove garbage from your rental property on a regular basis, it can quickly become cluttered and messy. This can be an issue for both you and your guests, as it can create a chaotic environment.

In addition, trash can attract pests and other vermin. These pests can be harmful to your guests as they may carry disease and cause other health hazards. This is why it’s crucial to remove trash on a regular basis – and make it as easy as possible for your guests to do so.

Many properties are outfitted with waste bins that guests can use to dispose of their trash. These bins can be located throughout the property, including in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living room. It’s also important to educate your guests on what can be recycled, so that they can minimize the amount of trash that they bring with them to your property.

Another way to ensure that trash is removed is to schedule regular pickups with a company that offers waste collection services. These companies are typically available on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and will come to your property to collect the trash.

For larger items that are too heavy for your Airbnb cleaners to lift, consider using a service like Trash Warrior. These companies are specially designed to handle trash and can remove oversized items at a moment’s notice.

In most cases, your Airbnb cleaners will be able to handle most of the trash that is brought to your property during a stay. However, there will be times when they will not be able to.

When this happens, it’s important to have a backup plan. This could be a friend or family member who can come and take care of the trash for you.

It’s also important to be aware of your local garbage disposal policy and be clear with your guests about what you expect from them when it comes to garbage removal. Some cities have waste disposal companies that pick up trash on a weekly basis, while others have dumpsters that guests can access at all hours of the day.