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When you have a landline phone and cellphone, you might want to transfer phone calls from your mobile to your landline and vice versa. Using the docking station gives you the option to make and receive cell phone calls using your home phone, which might be more comfortable to talk and can reduce the need for landline telephone services.

Meanwhile, just forwarding a phone call from your home phone to your cellphone can allow you to answer phone calls almost wherever you are. Continuing calls from your cell to a landline you can save your cell battery. You can find more about getting your phone calls from a landline phone to cell phone via

Docking Station.

Step 1

Buy a cellular docking station that is able to connect to your mobile. Mobile phones can be connected using an adapter cable or wireless Bluetooth technology.

Step 2.

Tide at the Doc station, and connect it to your cellphone using the appropriate adapter cable or Bluetooth.

Step 3.

Connect the Doc station to a wireless telephone system that can answer calls from two lines. The phone's handset will have a button to choose which line to use when making a phone call.

Choose the cellular option on the home handset, and use a home phone to do a call test using your cellular service.