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Digital wall art is a hot trend on Etsy, and with good reason. It’s a great way for buyers to get beautiful art on their walls without having to pay a fortune or have access to a professional printer.

There are a variety of different types of digital wall art to choose from on Etsy, from hand-painted designs to inspirational quotes and photographs. All of these can be turned into digital files for easy print and shipping to buyers.

How to Find an Etsy Wall Art Download

If you’re searching for a specific design, use the search bar and type in your keywords. You can also sort your results based on relevancy and price.

When evaluating an Etsy listing, make sure to read the description. It’s a great place to see what others have said about the product and see if there are any questions about the print size or colour options.

Files for digital downloads should be set up correctly to make it easy for your customers to download and print the design. This can mean changing the file format to CMYK for print or RGB for computer files.

Choosing the Right Color and Resolution

If you’re creating printable digital art, make sure your colors are in the correct ranges for a nice, crisp print. Using too much blue or too little red, for example, can cause the colors to shift and look dull or off-balance.

You can also adjust the image size of your digital downloads to ensure they’re printed at the proper size. To do this, simply edit the image dimensions in your artwork using a tool like Canva or Photoshop.