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There are several ways to decorate your bathroom with printables. You can save money and add personal touches to your room. You can also create a space-saving design.

Decorate your bathroom with DIY printables

The easiest way to decorate your bathroom is to go shopping for inexpensive, reusable items. You can find these items at thrift stores and garage sales, and there are a lot of ways to put them to good use. For example, you can turn a wine cork into a bathtub tray. A painted wicker basket can also be used to store toilet paper and tissue.

If you are looking for more affordable ideas, you can try using reclaimed wood to create industrial-style shelves. This is a great way to add a rustic feel to your bathroom. These shelves are also perfect for holding plants or other special decorations. In addition, reclaimed wood gives the holder a farmhouse-style look.

Another idea is to use a vinyl quote to show your guests how to wash their hands. It’s easy to make, and the wording can be cut with an electronic cutting machine. Once the quote is on the wooden plaque, it’s just a matter of gluing the phrase to the base. You can also use this type of stencil to put a phrase on a stool.

If you want to keep your bathroom in style, you can also paint a mason jar to match your decor. This jar can be filled with flowers, tissues, or makeup brushes. Add a wooden shelf to the side of the jar and you’ve got an adorable storage unit.

To complete your nautical theme, you can create a rope towel holder. The rope can be tied around the holder to provide a sturdy, decorative base. Finally, you can hang a leather and copper organizer to hold your cosmetics, soap, or any other bathroom accessories you may need.

Adding a few of these items to your bathroom can help you make a big difference. With a little creativity and a few dollars, you can completely transform your space. Before you start, take a little time to read tutorials to make sure you are doing it right. As you become more adept at creating new DIY projects, you’ll be able to choose from a wider variety of options to make your bathroom unique and beautiful.