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Printables to Sell on Etsy

There are a lot of creative people out there who want to make passive income and one of the best ways to do that is by selling printables. These are digital files that customers can print at home or in a print shop and they can be used for everything from greeting cards to planners.

The most popular type of printables to sell on etsy are art prints and watercolor art. These are unique designs that people can use for their homes or as gifts.

Printables for study aids, scavenger hunts and games are also big sellers on etsy. Those are great options for those who are learning new skills and would like to have some study materials handy.

Other popular printables include planners and a variety of stickers, stamps, and artwork. These are products that people can easily print out and reuse over and over again, which is what makes them so popular!

Creating printables can be a difficult task, but there are a number of tools that will help you get the job done. For example, Canva is a popular graphic design tool that allows you to create designs quickly and efficiently.

Another important step in selling printables on etsy is keyword research and SEO. This will ensure that your products are visible to the right customers when they are searching for them on Etsy.

In addition to keyword research, it is also essential to follow all copyright laws when it comes to using images and graphics. Many of the most popular platforms that provide stock graphics have licensing fees and other restrictions, so it’s crucial to be savvy about what you can and cannot use.