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If you’re thinking of creating a chatbot for Facebook, you’ve come to the right place. This article will show you how to create a chatbot with MobileMonkey and ChatterOn. Both of these chatbot building apps are easy to use and can help you create an effective chatbot.

Build a chatbot with MobileMonkey

The MobileMonkey Messenger Bot App is a powerful chatbot builder. The app lets you make native webchat bots, Facebook ad bots, and SMS bots with minimal effort. Its user interface is very intuitive, and it doesn’t require coding skills to get started.

MobileMonkey provides all the components necessary to build a chatbot, from keyword recognition to live chat integration. In addition to the basic building blocks, the app comes with numerous tools that you can use to expand and optimize your chatbot. For example, you can add a Q&A section and make it relevant to a particular niche. You can also make the chatbot available in a variety of languages.

The MobileMonkey Messenger Bot App comes with a host of features, including real-time analytics, customization options for text, buttons, and menus, and the ability to build Messenger chatbots for company pages. The Messenger Bot is designed to be used by both marketers and developers to build chatbots. The platform does not require programming skills, so anyone can build chatbots and use them to communicate with customers.

Facebook page: When you create a chatbot in Facebook, you need to set up a page for your chatbot. This can be an existing page or a new one. The page will be the entity you broadcast your chatbot to and will interact with users. Therefore, choosing the page carefully is essential. The page should contain a name and an image.

Facebook Messenger bots: Facebook Messenger bots are a powerful tool for social commerce and customer service. Many brands do not have the time or resources to provide live customer service, so chatbots are a great alternative. A Facebook Messenger bot can help them resolve customer queries and recommend products. It can also help close sales.

Create a chatbot with ChatterOn

ChatterOn is a messaging bot app that allows you to build your own chatbot and is the fastest and most customizable. The app features more than 20 pre-built chatbots that you can customize to suit your needs. ChatterOn also has a solid AI and machine learning engine and supports a wide variety of rich content. The app is free to use for up to 15K messages per month.

However, ChatterOn has some limitations. It does not allow you to use Facebook ads or send notifications to your live chat agents. It also has a limited number of permissions, including the ability to send links. Furthermore, you cannot add custom URLs to your bot. You can only use ChatterOn on Facebook Messenger and the free version has a limit of 15,000 messages per month. If you want to send more messages per month, you can use the paid version of the app, which costs $0.0010 per message.

Besides the free version, ChatterOn Messenger Bot App has paid subscription plans as well. The free version only allows you to create one module at a time. The paid plans include a variety of other features and cost around $99 a month. ChatterOn’s pricing options include free, starter, and agency plans. Depending on your needs, you can choose the best option for you.

ChatterOn Messenger Bot App provides an easy way to build a chatbot. There are over 20 pre-built chatbot templates that you can use to create a chatbot. The app also supports rich content types. This app also claims to have the fastest bot builder in the industry.

Using a Facebook Messenger bot is a great way to increase communication within your business. Communication is vital for a business to function properly. It is essential to have a clear line of communication with customers. With a bot, you can easily bridge this gap. You can even use the bot to send personalized welcome messages to new subscribers and let them know the status of their orders.

ChatterOn Messenger Bot App supports various languages and platforms. They support audio, video, and text inputs. They plan to add AR capabilities soon. Their conversational engine uses user profiles, past purchases, and conversation history to create personalised conversations. The platform also features a special customer success team. The team promises to help you through the ideation, deployment, and operation of your bot.

Create a chatbot with MobileMonkey

MobileMonkey is a free chatbot builder that allows you to create Facebook Messenger chatbots. It also allows you to create landing pages for your chatbots, and you can add a messenger widget button to your website. The platform makes it very easy to set up a chatbot. Moreover, you don’t need to learn any coding to create a chatbot.

MobileMonkey offers templates to help you make any type of chatbot. The drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to use. The tools are organized logically. It also provides a list of pre-made chatbot templates that you can customize to fit your business needs.

MobileMonkey’s chatbot builder makes it easy to create conversational chatbots for Facebook Messenger. The platform has multiple templates that you can choose from, which makes the process even easier. Furthermore, the system is narrative-driven, making it easy to engage users in conversation.

MobileMonkey also allows you to add custom fields and tags to users. You can also create audiences and dialogues based on these tags, allowing you to create a more personalized chat experience. Moreover, the software allows you to create chatbots in any language you wish. Although, you will not be able to translate the dialogue, you can make the chatbot in whichever language you prefer.

If you’re considering Facebook Messenger as your platform for creating customer support and marketing bots, MobileMonkey is a great choice. The chatbot builder offers a variety of tools, including a drag-and-drop interface. This platform also lets you create as many chatbots as you want.

Using MobileMonkey is free and simple. The process is relatively simple, and there are guides to help you get started in a short time. You can also use the software across multiple platforms, so you can use the same chatbot for different communications. You only need to create the chat content once to use it across many platforms.

Using MobileMonkey, you can create Facebook Messenger marketing bots with minimal effort. This platform unifies live chat, Facebook Messenger chatbots, SMS marketing, and website chatbots. It can even alert you to hot leads on your website, and respond to them in Facebook Messenger and website chat. Moreover, it can automatically assign conversations to customer service agents.