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If your gold chain is covered with dirt and debris, it is time to clean it. You can clean your gold chain using salt, baking soda, ammonia, carbon dioxide, or other household cleaning products. You must be gentle with your jewelry to prevent it from getting damaged. Use the recommended soaking time for your chain – between two to 15 minutes. Repeat if necessary to remove any stubborn dirt.


If you’ve ever wanted to know how to clean your gold chain without damaging it, there are many methods you can use to get it looking pristine again. The most basic is to boil it, but this method is not suitable for all gold jewelry. It works best for heavily soiled gold jewelry with sturdy gemstones. Avoid boiling delicate gemstones or gold jewelry with glued-in gemstones.

To make this solution, combine equal parts salt and baking soda and add some hot water. Let your gold soak in the solution for about 15 minutes. This will soften the tarnish and make it easier to scrub. Be careful not to soak it too long, though, as this may damage the stones.

After soaking your gold chain in the solution, rinse it thoroughly with water. Using a toothbrush to scrub it is also a good idea. Always try to test the solution on a small area first to see if it causes any discoloration. If it does, then you should rinse it immediately. Also, be aware of any precious stones you have on your gold chain, as the ammonia solution is slightly corrosive.

To clean your gold jewelry, it’s best to use a mild dish soap mixed with warm water. To clean your gold jewelry, you can dip it into the mixture, rinse it with clean water, and dry it with a soft cloth. It’s important to avoid using harsh or abrasive materials while washing it, as they can scratch and damage the gold. You can also use a cotton swab soaked in water and mild soap to remove any dirt or debris.

Baking soda

Whether you have a gold chain, earring, or necklace, you can clean it easily using a simple baking soda solution. All you need to do is mix some baking soda with some water to form a paste. Then, soak the jewelry piece in the mixture for around five minutes, making sure that you do not move it during the process. Then, rinse the jewelry in cool water to remove the baking soda paste.

If you want to use a solution that is more powerful, you can mix dish soap and baking soda. However, be careful not to use too much of either product. If the solution is too strong, you should dilute the mixture with more water. After that, rinse the jewelry and dry it completely.

Baking soda is a natural cleaning agent that works to remove surface dirt, but it can be too abrasive for delicate materials like pearls. To clean your gold chain safely, mix about a quarter cup of baking soda with two tablespoons of water and let it soak for five to 10 minutes. Once the solution is dry, you can wipe the jewelry off using a soft cloth.

Another method involves using a combination of salt and baking soda. This solution works by creating a chemical reaction that breaks down tarnish on the gold. After soaking the gold in the solution, use a soft brush to remove the residue. You can also add dish soap to the solution, which will soften the dirt. However, it is important to remember that strong detergents can cause damage to low-purity gold, so be careful.

You can also use toothpaste and water to clean your gold chain. It is best to apply the paste slowly to the gold chain. After about seven to ten minutes, rinse it with clean water. Then, dry the gold chain with a soft cloth.


If you want to clean your gold chain, you can try cleaning it with a mixture of ammonia and water. The mixture should have a concentration of about one part ammonia to six parts water. Soak your jewelry in the solution for a minute or so. Then, rinse it thoroughly and dry it with a soft cloth.

It is advisable not to use ammonia too often, as it can damage the gold and discolor it. However, this solution is good at removing hardened debris. You can use a soft cloth to scrub the chain with it. Rinse it thoroughly in warm water afterward, using a sieve to remove any remnants.

If you don’t want to use a polishing cloth, you can use a small bowl filled with water and ammonia. This will remove any dirt and grime that has accumulated on your gold chain. You should also avoid using any chemicals that can cause damage to your gold jewelry.

A soft bristled toothbrush can also help you clean your gold chain. This will get rid of tarnish, dirt, and loose pieces. It will also help you remove any accumulated mud, oil, or sweat. You should also wear a mask to avoid exposure to dangerous fumes.

Another good solution is white vinegar, which can help brighten your gold jewelry. Apply it on the gold jewelry and let it soak for 15-20 minutes. Then, rinse it thoroughly and dry it with a soft cloth. You must remember that gold is a soft metal, so you should handle it gently. Never use soap on gold jewelry because the chemicals in soaps can tarnish it.

Carbon dioxide

Carbon dioxide can be used to clean gold. This gas is a natural lubricant that can remove tarnish from metals and can help restore the shine to tarnished gold. It works on any metal and can be found in many household products. You can also add a few drops of dish soap to the solution, and let your jewelry soak in it for 10 minutes. After that, rinse it thoroughly with warm water and pat dry with a soft bristled brush. Another great option is to use distilled white vinegar as a cleaning solution. Its carbonation will eliminate tarnish from metals without scrubbing.

Carbon dioxide is also available in a liquid form. To clean your gold jewelry with it, mix equal parts of a cup of warm water with one cup of dish soap. Mix the solution thoroughly. Leave your jewelry in the solution for five to ten minutes, and then scrub it using a toothbrush. If you are cleaning a piece of gold jewelry with carbon dioxide, make sure you wear gloves.

Ultrasonic cleaner

Using an Ultrasonic cleaner to clean gold chain can be a safe and effective way to clean your precious jewelry. This type of cleaner works by using agitated bubbles, high-pressure water and heat to thoroughly clean your precious metal. Depending on the type of ultrasonic cleaner, you can adjust the intensity of the bubbles and the length of time the jewelry is submerged.

To use an Ultrasonic cleaner to clean gold chain, first make sure you have the appropriate supplies. First, you will need the ultrasonic cleaner and the necessary cleaning solution. You will need to wear protective gloves while cleaning your jewelry. You will also need to fill the tank with hot water and the cleaning solution. The manufacturers will usually have specific recommendations on how much solution to use.

After using an Ultrasonic cleaner to clean gold chain, you should rinse your gold chain thoroughly. Then, use a soft brush or cloth to remove the remaining grime. You can repeat this process as needed until you are satisfied with the clean result. Ultrasonic cleaners are usually inexpensive and last for a long time.

A home Ultrasonic cleaner is a handy tool to clean your gold chain and other precious metal jewelry. However, it should be used with care, since the cleaning agent can damage soft gemstones enhanced with temporary treatments. When not in use, it should be stored in a cloth-lined jewelry box away from other jewelry.

The Ultrasonic cleaner works by generating 42,000 Hz sound waves that agitate the liquid and break up dirt and dust. Using the cleaner is easy. To clean gold chain, you need to place your jewelry in the basket, and add about a cup of water to the solution. You can also add some liquid jewelry detergent or dish soap for a deeper clean. If you are unsure about using an Ultrasonic cleaner to clean gold chain, make sure you read the instructions before using it.