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Your bathroom is often one of the wettest sections of your home. This may sound natural, but wetness is actually not the only issue. Remember, where there is wetness, there is moisture, and where there is moisture, there are bacteria that thrive and cause health hazards. That's aside from offensive odors and humid air that you just may have problems with until you start using a bathroom fan. You can also click here to test the bathroom fans for your home.

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A bathroom fan is a must-have for any home. It does not only get rid of the wetness and unpleasant air in the bathroom, but it also keeps it healthy for use. There are various types of bathroom fans available in the market today, and just before you take your pick, first consider a few things.

One is the size of the fan you need. A basic rule for determining this is to take the size of your bathroom in cubic feet, multiply it by eight, and divide it by sixty. That's the number of cubic feet of moisture your fan needs to suck dry per minute. 

Another thing you can consider when choosing a fan that is right for your control. There are some equipped with sensors that automatically turn on the motor when a person enters the bathroom, and there are others that have to be manually operated. Automatic bathroom fans also come with a timer that signals when the fan should stop after a certain number of minutes after the sensor detects the person has left. 

Automatic fans naturally cost more because they are equipped with special sensors that allow them to work without manual operation. If you have extra room in your budget, there is no reason why you should not get one of these. Otherwise, a manually operated fan will still serve you well.