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Airbnb cleaning is a unique type of housekeeping that can be hard to learn, especially if you’ve never cleaned a rental property before. But with a little preparation, it’s possible to become an Airbnb cleaner and set up a successful business.

How to Add a Cleaning Fee to an Airbnb Listing

When a guest searches for a trip on Airbnb, they will see a nightly rate that includes the cleaning fee divided by the total number of nights. This allows hosts to be transparent about their fee and doesn’t give potential guests a nasty surprise when they book their stay.

How Much to Charge for an Airbnb Cleaning Service

While the average Airbnb cleaning fee varies, it is usually not too expensive and can be fairly easy to negotiate with guests. It’s important to consider how many guests you can host and how long they will be staying at your property to determine an appropriate rate for your cleaning service.

How to Automate Your Airbnb Cleaning

If you’re a busy host, automated tools can help streamline your Airbnb cleaning process. By setting up room-by-room checklists, you can keep track of every task and make sure each area is thoroughly cleaned.

How to Price Your Cleaning Service

Pricing is one of the most important factors for any business, and it’s especially important for an Airbnb cleaning service. If you charge too much, it can negatively impact the amount of guests you receive and your overall profits.