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The digital age has brought us many ways to connect with others, and the number 11 on your phone could be a signal that someone is having fun or attending an event. Eliminating these people from your life can improve your energy and quality of life. However, it is best to cut out those people that make your life a drag. Here are some ways to reduce the number of people in your life:

Eleven’s relationship with Dr. Martin Brenner

In the new season of “The OA,” Eleven uses her powers to find her birth father, Dr. Martin Brenner. After all, Terry has been in a catatonic state since the events surrounding her birth. During her birth, Eleven sees Dr. Brenner in scrubs, who snatches her away and tells Ives that her baby is not breathing. Ives then returns to Hawkins Lab, fires the guard and frantically searches for Brenner and his team.

Eleven’s relationship with Brenner reflects how the former scientist defined her childhood. In some ways, Brenner may even be responsible for her birth. Eleven’s biological mother, Terry, was a volunteer for MKUltra tests, and Brenner took her from her when she became pregnant. Brenner then raised Eleven in the Hawkins Lab. This relationship is based on the fact that she had no other choice but to follow Brenner’s orders, which made her feel guilty for having a biological child.

While his abduction was the original reason for Eleven’s involvement with the OASIS, the relationship with Dr. Brenner has evolved and developed since. Brenner has appeared in clippings at the police station, but the film has not identified him by name. This is likely due to a production error. In the next episode, Brenner will become a prominent figure in Eleven’s life.

After meeting with Eleven and the team, Brenner becomes suspicious of his involvement in the disappearance of his friends. He decides to leave Hawkins Lab and get Eleven back. Eleven’s friends, however, warn Brenner, but he evades them. Brenner and his team then raid Hawkins Middle School. The US Military believes Eleven was responsible for the problems in Hawkins.

In “Stranger Things,” Dr. Brenner is the father of Eleven, although she does not know her real biological mother. Terry Ives, her real mother, has been implicated in some of Brenner’s experiments. While Eleven has no memory of her mother, she does have memories of the traumatic events she experienced and has learned to see her father as a father figure. As a result, she begins to refer to her paternal figure as ‘Papa.’ Brenner’s actions were inconsistent with his demeanor.

Her relationship with Dr. Max Hawkins

After a year of dating Lucas, Max becomes more social in Hawkins, where she feels much more comfortable. She continues to have doubts about the existence of supernatural entities, but at least she’s getting some good advice from Max. Max’s relationship with Lucas has also developed despite his previous problems. However, this doesn’t mean that he’s perfect. He still has a complicated relationship with Lucas.

The relationship between Max and Billy is complicated and difficult. When Billy first met Max, he was abusive and abused her. Billy’s father abused him, but Max was there to help. During a beating, Max even offered Billy ice to help soothe him. They became friends again after Max stood up to Billy’s father and helped him recover. The relationship between Max and Lucas is complicated, and many fans may relate to Max’s feelings.

The CIA’s Dr. Martin Brenner is a psychopath and was part of Project MKUltra, which subjected test subjects to horrific conditions in an attempt to discover psychic abilities. In Season one, he renames Eleven, and later, she becomes her daughter. In the Season 1 finale, he’s attacked by a Demogorgon. But Eleven proves to be a devoted mother.

Her relationship with Max is complicated, but despite the tense situation between the two, it’s still solid. Although Max has strong feelings towards her father, she does not consider him her father. Her parents separated after Billy’s death. Their relationship began to deteriorate after Neil abandoned them. In spite of his affection for his daughter, Max has no intention of letting Neil live in her life. If the two were reunited, she would be reunited with her father.

After Billy’s death, Max has slacked in his grades. He reluctantly met with a school counselor. Max’s ex-husband, Lucas, is worried that Max is not open with him. He struggles to sleep because of the nightmares of the summer and he gets headaches. However, despite the setbacks, Max helps Eddie investigate Chrissy’s death, and they even go to her home to retrieve her keys.

Her relationship with Dr. Dustin

Eleven and Dr. Dustin’s relationship began when Mike was a child, and Eleven was a teenager. At first, Dustin was not too impressed by Eleven’s powers, but as time went on, she grew to appreciate them. After she ran away from Hawkins with the Byers family, Dustin helped Mike find Eleven. They later became close friends, and Dustin helped Mike deal with Eleven’s delusion about her powers.

After meeting each other, Erica became interested in Dr. Dustin’s work. They became friends after meeting at a restaurant in Sarasota. The two had a connection immediately, and Dustin gave her D&D sets. They have been together ever since, and Dustin even helped her move from the house to a new one. Their relationship with each other continues to grow. Eventually, Dustin and Erica will decide to marry.

After the divorce, Kandace’s relationship with her brother was strained. She discussed moving back in with her family, but did not feel comfortable leaving Dustin alone with his brother. In addition to this, she also expressed doubts about the worker’s recommendation. However, a clinician at the Wheeler Clinic testified that Dustin’s relationship with Kandace was a “sibling relationship” between the mother and son. Dustin reportedly did not respect his Mother’s authority, and Kandace found it difficult to set limits for him.

During the third season, Dustin and Suzie spent one month at camp together. Though they continued to remain friends, Max’s disbelief led him to doubt their relationship. After Max’s rescue at Starcourt Mall, Dustin and Suzie reconciled. After the fight against the Mind Flayer, Max found out that Dustin was in love with Suzie. He was hesitant to admit his love, but eventually accepted his new girlfriend.

During the second season, Dustin was only the second member of the Party to kill an enemy, despite Eleven having made numerous kills in the previous two seasons. His character’s characterization as the second-best slayer in Season 3 is also noteworthy. He gave his old hat to Suzie. In the fourth season, he lied to his mother about the death of his pet Mews and about Dart.

Her relationship with Dr. Martin Brenner

Her relationship with Dr. Martin Brenner is complex. At first, Brenner seemed to care about Eleven and her plight, risking his life to save her. Later, he tortured her to find the One, a being who resides in the Upside Down. Brenner was convinced that the One was always alive in the darkness, and he also grieved for the loss of Ten’s body and punished Two for hurting Eleven. Brenner’s character development was necessary for the series’ success.

In Stranger Things season four, Brenner played a critical role in helping Eleven regain her powers. However, Brenner exposed Eleven to a great trauma from her past, one that was so traumatic that it was erased from her memory. While Brenner hailed his process as successful, the process felt more like a necessary evil, because the traumatic events were essential to bring Eleven back in touch with her powers.

Despite being concerned about exploitation, Dr. Brenner remained ambivalent toward Terry, and they never fought. Despite their differences, Brenner acted with compassion and care for Alicia and Henry. However, he was concerned that if Alicia managed to escape, she would be weaponized by someone else. That’s the reason why he wanted to capture her. He even went as far as to give her a book on the subject.

In Stranger Things Season 1, Dr. Martin Brenner is a psychologist. He is trying to further develop Eleven’s psychic abilities. During one experiment, Eleven meets a strange monster. As a result, Brenner pushes her to go further, leading to the opening of a portal to the Upside Down. This leads to her escape, and the events of Season 4 are directly linked to her relationship with him.

Although Eleven had a very close relationship with Brenner, they were incompatible. Brenner treated Eleven harshly, and often forced her into solitary confinement. Brenner’s behavior was not consistent with his own principles, and the relationship grew strained. Despite his apparent lack of concern for Eleven’s welfare, he made his presence a source of comfort for the teenager. Brenner’s twisted concept of kinship did not align with Eleven’s emotional state.