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In the general population, neck pain is a widespread problem second to low back pain. Approximately 15% of females and 10% of males suffer from chronic ones. The pain affects occupational and other activities of daily living, and also, it affects the quality of life in which it produces a high level of morbidity as a result. Aside from reducing the quality of life, it also carries a high economic cost. You can also look for pain management in Chicago by clicking at:

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Curing neck problems may be challenging, but there are therapies that can help. It has been shown that chiropractic care and manipulative therapy reduce soreness and improve function in patients with chronic neck pain. Manual therapy has been used for a long time and gets more popular in recent times.

Manual techniques are routinely used in the management of neck pain and they provide effective pain relief. These techniques include manipulation and mobilization.

Combined with exercise, manipulation is an effective therapy for nonspecific neck pain. In a clinical study, many patients experienced benefits from chiropractic treatment based on diminished pain and disability. Many responded quickly to the treatment where 48% of them were recovered at the fourth visit and a significant proportion of patients (65%) continued to improve up to 3 months.

Once your neck pain is treated, your chiropractor may suggest exercise, diet, or lifestyle changes to improve your range of motion, strengthen muscles, and prevent painful relapse. Rather than just treating its symptoms, chiropractic offers treatment to fix the source of the pain. The focus is not just on the neck. It also includes nutrition, stress management, and lifestyle goals.