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AI writer is a content creation software that generates original and high-quality text by using machine learning. It can be used for creating blog posts, email messages, social media updates and product descriptions.

It can also be used to reword existing text to make it more SEO-friendly. It can be helpful for teams that want to increase their productivity but don’t have the time to write all of the copy themselves.

The best AI writers can outperform humans in several aspects, including grammar and spelling conventions. They can also be customized to a company’s brand voice and style guidelines.

Unlike a human, however, AI writers don’t always produce flawlessly accurate output, so it’s important to train them on a wide range of data sets and to check the results regularly. Some AI writing services offer plagiarism checks for an extra fee, and some provide verifiable citations at the end of each piece.

Some tools, such as Jasper, are free to use and feature a range of language options, while others, such as Writersonic, charge a monthly subscription. Regardless of your budget, these AI writing tools can help your business boost its online presence by generating first-draft copy in minutes.

One of the most popular AI content generators is Jasper (formerly known as Jarvis), which uses an open-source machine learning platform for Natural Language Processing. It enables users to create high-quality marketing content that’s on-brand, consistent and easy to navigate.

Another AI writer that can be useful for e-commerce websites is Hypotenuse, which can produce a range of products’ descriptions and other text. It can be integrated with Shopify and imported via a CSV file, making it a great option for brands that need to add new content quickly.