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If you’re looking for a free AI picture generator that can create impressive images, then look no further. Whether you need AI artwork for your business or personal projects, there are a number of great options to choose from.

Nightcafe Creator is a text to image conversion platform that uses a neural network to interpret your text and generate an image that represents it. It comes with plenty of style choices and sensible presets to help you get started.


Midjourney is a text-to-image AI that creates aesthetically pleasing images using prompts. It can be used for generating images in any genre, and it’s a good choice for anyone looking to learn about AI art.

The software is currently in beta, and you can sign up on its website. Once you’re accepted, you can join their Discord server, which is where you can send your commands. You can also watch the generation process in real time, from initial blurry thumbnails to high-definition final images.

It’s easy to get started with Midjourney, and it doesn’t require any training data or programming. You just need to send your image prompts through a bot in their official Discord.

You can also use the ‘Upscaling’ and ‘Variations’ buttons to generate even more options. The AI will create a new image with these variations, and you can use that for future prompts. You can also upgrade to a paid plan, which costs $10 per month for 200 images and $30 per month for unlimited use.

The company claims that it’s trained on a massive range of images, including stock art, so its images are usually aesthetically pleasing and adaptable to stylistic prompts. However, it can struggle to create hands and other complicated objects, and backgrounds can be blurred or confused.

Unlike other AI-based picture generators, you can see the process as it happens in real time. This is an ideal way to watch the model synthesise your ideas, and it makes it easier to see what’s going on and how you can improve your results.

Midjourney also has fewer content restrictions than DALL*E, which means it can handle a lot more styles and subject matter. This can make it a great choice for creating sci-fi super heroes, illustrative work for health content, or punchy political images.


Nightcafe is an AI art generator that uses text-to-image techniques to create digital works. It offers multiple modes and a variety of artistic styles to choose from. This free ai picture generator also allows users to share their creations with other people.

NightCafe is one of the most well-known names in the world of AI-generated art, utilizing a neural style transfer technique to recreate photos in different artistic styles and textures. Its preset effects range from cosmic to oil painting and more.

It’s free to use and can be accessed through the Progressive Web App (PWA). Users can generate thousands of artworks without straining their machines. They can also buy the artwork from the website and print it or mail it to their home like a real piece of art.

Originally, NightCafe used an old-school method of creating AI-generated art known as neural style transfer. This involves uploading a photo and selecting a “style” image for the AI to copy it from. However, in a recent update to NightCafe, the company introduced a text-to-image option based on two cutting-edge open-source machine learning technologies.

This more current approach employs VQGAN, a generative adversarial neural network, and CLIP to assess how well an image fits the prompt. It’s a highly versatile technique that has been popular among AI art enthusiasts.

Another big advantage of NightCafe is that it’s free to use and doesn’t require a subscription. It also offers a social media feed for its AI-generated images, which can be shared and liked by other users.

NightCafe is a popular alternative to StarryAI because of its many features and easy-to-use interface. It’s a great choice for beginners who want to experiment with AI-generated artwork without the need to learn the complex algorithms behind the tool. Besides, it’s very affordable, with credits that can be purchased for as little as $0.08 per credit.


Among the most popular AI picture generators, Dall-E allows users to create images of practically anything they can imagine by typing a text description. It also features a variety of editing tools that allow you to edit the images and create your own variations.

DALL-E is based on a machine learning model that uses an enormous dataset of words and images culled from the web, which it trains on using noising and de-noising chains. It then uses that training to produce images that match the descriptions in its database of words that have been associated with images.

Then, it uses what’s called a diffusion model to sculpt the pixels in the image to match the latent representation of the text description. It does this by using static noise and then generating characteristic features, for example, that it learned a baboon might have, like its fur color or the canine shape of its head.

But DALL-E isn’t perfect. It has some underspecification problems, meaning that its images don’t uniquely match the captions they’re generated from.

Aside from that, it has some issues when creating images that aren’t G-rated and could cause harm to people. It also has a lot of restrictions on the types of content it’s allowed to create.

Nevertheless, DALL-E is a great tool for experimenting with different art styles and can help you make stunning digital artworks. It also has some of the best editing tools available, making it a good choice for real estate sites and other businesses that need to use images for marketing purposes.

However, it’s important to note that the generator is constantly undergoing iterative updates. If you’re a committed user, it’s worth keeping up with the latest updates and understanding how they can impact your work.


Fotor is a powerful, user-friendly and globally accessible online photo editing and graphic design tool that allows users to create visual content easily. It features a number of tools such as ‘edit’, ‘collage’ and ‘design’, which are used by millions of people around the world daily.

The interface is designed in a playful, bright style and is easy to navigate. The application comes with a wide range of cool effects and can be used on any device, either desktop or mobile.

It provides a range of basic image-editing options including cropping, resizing, rotation and tilt-shift. It also offers various adjustments to brightness, contrast, sharpness and more.

In addition to these features, it also offers a number of different filters such as Lomo, AI, Funky, Blur, Film and more. Its effects are great for giving your images a professional look without having to spend much money on software.

Moreover, the program features a large library of templates and can be used to create various kinds of graphics. You can use these templates for designing banners, posters, flyers, social media covers and more.

You can also upload your own photos, which is a great way to get started in Fotor. The application supports a range of popular image formats and RAW files.

The program also has a collection of hundreds of cool photo effects that can be applied to your photos without downloading them from the web. These include ‘Lomo’, ‘AI’, ‘Funky’, ‘Blur’, ‘Artistic’, ‘Groovy’ and more.

Another feature that I really liked about this program is the huge number of international photographic competitions that it hosts on a weekly basis. These competitions are judged by a panel of professional photographers, so you can be sure your photo will receive the best treatment.


If you’re a fan of text-to-image generation, Craiyon is an AI picture generator that can be used to create images from written prompts. The tool has a few interesting features, including the ability to enlarge the resulting image and print it on a T-shirt.

The underlying technology is based on a machine learning model, and it’s capable of generating an image from any written prompt that has a reference to one or more of the images in its database. This includes artists, art styles, and genres like video games and television shows.

Users have plugged in all sorts of prompts, and the results have varied dramatically. Some have been successful, like a photo of Elmo placed in an Edvard Munch painting or a re-creation of Hokusai’s Great Wave off Kanagawa. Others have been less successful, such as a photo of a cat sitting in a bed or a photo of George Washington Funko Pop — both of which seem to be outright absurd.

As with DALL-E and Dall-E 2, Craiyon uses a smaller set of data to learn its image generation skills, so the results are not quite as realistic or precise as those from DALL-E or Dall-E 2. Faces and other objects seem to be more distorted than they would be in real life, and they often don’t appear to be recognizable.

While the images generated by Craiyon are not as detailed or realistic-looking as those created by DALL-E or DALL-E 2 — they tend to look fuzzy and a bit askew, and the faces in some of them seem contorted — they’re still pretty interesting. The site is free to use, and Craiyon claims that the resulting images can be used for any personal purposes as long as you credit them for their creation.