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Generally speaking, a bot (or“bot“ for short) is simply a program that uses artificial intelligent ( AI ) intelligence to simulate human speech in online chat. In Facebook Messenger, chat bots can answer questions, give general recommendations, perform actions, and manage profile information and settings. Bots on Facebook Messenger are great for businesses and individuals, since you can set various permissions for when they can use the system. The ability to manage bots on Facebook Messenger automatically, as well as the ability to set permissions, allow users to manage their own information settings.

facebook messenger bot

In addition to these major capabilities, Messenger Bots are flexible and customizable. Because of this, many internet marketers have found that bot technologies provide a significant advantage in terms of using Facebook as a platform for advertising. Facebook has millions of users, and a bot allows you to access this large audience through its integrated community features. Bot users also benefit from the ease of adding custom code, which allows marketers to make features like photo albums, group conversations, or even respond to news events within their groups.

Since bots on facebook messenger provide a convenient way for customers to contact you, it’s no wonder that customer support services have increased tenfold on Facebook over the last few years. Bots on messenger allow you to offer detailed, helpful answers to customer questions, including suggestions for how to solve their problems. Bot users also help business owners by providing helpful suggestions for topics of conversation and recommending related items and services. This type of interaction between customers and business owners is beneficial for both, because customers get direct answers to problems, and businesses get a free boost from having a dedicated customer service agent who can answer questions for them.

Apart from these benefits to customers, bots on facebook messenger also help you stand out from competitors. Bots have become skilled at copywriting content for profiles, increasing your company’s presence and brand recognition. The ability to customize your advertisements further helps you create an identity for your company. Because bots are able to detect certain keywords that are often targeted by other businesses, your profile page will appear more professionally designed and with more relevant ads, which can increase your ranking on the search engine results pages. Furthermore, the larger the size of your advertisement, the more it will cost you, so having an effective profile page ensures your company gets lots of traffic, which is critical to growing a successful business.

Another major advantage to having a Facebook messenger bot is the way it will save time for both you and your customer support team. It makes it much easier for you to run multiple campaigns, as messaging systems allow you to run a number of campaigns simultaneously. Bots also allow you to handle messages from different contacts with the same interface, which allows all of your representatives to work together efficiently. You can save time running appointments, follow up with emails and manage your customer database with the convenience of one simple program. There are a number of different bot solutions, from those that integrate with existing software like MySpace to ones that are completely stand alone programs.

As always, make sure that you do some research before choosing a bot builder to use. Some of the most popular and well known builders are: HootSuite, Facebook Connect and Aweber. The Facebook Messenger Bot is one of the most useful features currently available on Facebook. While it does have its limitations, such as not being able to browse Facebook profiles for posts and replies, it is still considered one of the best tools for businesses looking to get in on the conversation marketing trend. For more information on Facebook messaging bot builders and other Facebook services such as groups, applications and the news feed, check out the links below.