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Each year, millions of people are diagnosed by their doctor to have chronic pain. Most often, many patients suffer from pain in the lower back.

In general, many people are so adapted to their chronic pain they do not consider going to their doctor for treatment. They are concerned that all they'll be prescribed is pain medication to treat the symptoms instead of providing answers to eliminate the cause. If you are looking for the best lower back treatment then you can visit at

It is imperative for all those who suffer from aching to see a doctor to help them restore their health when they were more active and pain free.

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1. Review Your Medical History

Before visiting your doctor, it is important to be prepared to discuss your complete medical history, including injuries or accidents that could occur. Other than suffering from pain in the lower back, consider if one of your joints, including knees, elbows, shoulders, wrists, ankles or hips hurt. Joint and back pain can be caused by a chronic infection, weight gain or a genetic predisposition.

2. Check Your Muscles and Joints

Once the doctor examined the history of the case, he (or she) will begin a thorough physical examination to check all your muscles and joints. The doctor will look for signs of pain by moving your extremities, head and neck, or size in different positions such as laying, sitting or standing.