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Novato is a city located in Marin County, California. It is part of the North Bay region of the Bay Area. The city has a population of 53,225 as of the 2020 census. The city is home to the NOVATO Brewhouse and Winery. There is also a theater company.


Novato is a city located in Marin County, California. It is in the North Bay region of the Bay Area and had a population of 53,225 at the 2020 census. Despite its small size, the city still has many things to offer travelers. For instance, it is home to many famous wineries, including Marin Headlands.

The city of Novato offers a great variety of things to do, including shopping, eating, and sightseeing. Many local attractions are within walking distance, so visitors will be able to see all of the highlights of the city without driving a lot. The downtown area is home to several galleries, boutiques, and cafes. There are also many places to shop for wine-related merchandise.

Pioneer Park is a popular outdoor recreation area within walking distance of downtown Novato. The park is named for the neighboring cemetery and covers nine acres of green space. It has picnic tables and a BBQ area, which make it a favorite among local residents. It also has rest rooms and paved walking/running/cycling paths.

The Novato Farmers Market is another popular place to visit, which offers the best of the local produce. Many of the local artists and craftsmen sell their wares here, so visitors can sample fresh and delicious foods while enjoying a stroll through the town. Another option is to take a hayride around the old town district. The area was inhabited by Miwok Indians before European settlement, and there are many historical structures still standing. There is even a tiny visitor’s center where visitors can learn about the area’s history.


In the Vintage Oaks mall, Novato has a beerhouse that offers both local and imported craft beers. The space offers a casual, energetic Irish pub atmosphere that is also a community hangout. The menu offers both dinner menus and bar snacks and offers ample beer on tap.


The town of Novato, California is located in the San Francisco Bay Area. It has been named one of the best places to live in the nation. This charming and historic town has a lot to offer visitors from all walks of life. You can go horseback riding, enjoy picnics, and visit several museums and galleries in the downtown area. The city is also home to Stafford Lake Park and Old Town. To make the most of your visit, it is best to call ahead of time to confirm hours and availability.

If you’re interested in learning more about the indigenous culture of the area, you can attend a Native American cultural museum. There are many native American artifacts and crafts for sale, including jewelry, baskets, and other souvenirs. You can also visit the Novato Theater Company, a community theater that was established in 1919. Its 99-seat theater offers a variety of performances throughout the year. There are also several restaurants in the area where you can enjoy a meal.

There are also award-winning California wineries in Novato, including the Trek Winery. Located in the heart of Old Town, this winery has a stylish and modern floor plan with rustic earth tones. The winery also has a large heated patio and conversation nooks. The winery also hosts live music concerts, comedy nights, and wedding receptions.

NOVATO CALIFORNIA theater company

The Novato Theater Company was founded with the idea that theater can enrich lives and foster community. Over the years, hundreds of people have donated money and signed petitions to support the theater’s operations. Even so, the theater could not sustain its operation. Now, the company produces five or six show seasons a year.

Although the theater company had local roots as early as 1919, the Novato Community Players have recently faced a major challenge. The theater’s original building, the Novato Community House, was red-tagged as a fire hazard in 2004 and the organization has been on the move ever since. The community theater leased a space at the Pacheco Plaza in Ignacio for several years, but that lease expired last year. During this time, the theater staged productions in San Rafael while searching for a permanent location.

Hamilton Field History Museum

The Hamilton Field History Museum is a great place to learn about the history of Novato, California, and the tribe who lived on the land before it was settled. The museum provides educational exhibits, supports historical research, and fosters a fun learning environment. The museum is part of the Novato Historical Guild, a group of institutions focused on preserving Novato’s history.

The Hamilton Field History Museum is housed on reclaimed marshland and features a Spanish and Renaissance architecture building. Inside, visitors can view hundreds of artifacts from the heyday of the Hamilton Field Air Force base. There are also research facilities, a library, and a cockpit simulator. The museum is open Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday, or by appointment.

The Novato Historical Guild is a nonprofit organization that supports the Hamilton Field History Museum and the Novato History Museum. The Guild works closely with the City of Novato to keep the Museums open and welcoming to the public. There are several volunteer organizations that work to maintain the museum’s historical collections.

Hamilton Field History Museum is located at 555 Hangar Ave in Novato and features exhibits relating to the history of Hamilton Field Air Force Base. Exhibits include military uniforms, medals, photographs, and more. The museum also features a cockpit simulator and a library with books and posters.

Morning Star Farm

If you’re looking for an outdoor activity that will get you in touch with nature, then Morning Star Farm is the place to go. Its family-run facility features lessons, camps, and horse-boarding. It’s located near scenic riding trails in O’Hair Park. It is also a great place for birthday parties, with prices ranging from $250 to $375 for 15 or more children.

This unique farm in Northern Novato is an ideal destination for families. The farm is open all year round. The riding trails range from the beautiful Mt. Burdell trail to the picturesque Olompoli trail. The farm also offers a petting zoo and picnic area for guests. The area is also home to over 450 species of wild mushrooms. The farm has regular foraging tours around Novato to give visitors the chance to pick up some edible goodies.

If you’re planning a trip to Novato, California, you should make time to visit Mount Burdell, a small mountain. It’s an ideal spot for hiking and picnicking with your family. You can also visit Hidden Lake, which is located halfway up the mountain. This area is home to a thriving wildlife, including a horde of salamanders.

O’Hair Park is another great place to visit while visiting Novato. This park is located adjacent to the College of Marin’s Indian Valley campus. It offers a flat two-mile trail and is ideal for hiking and biking. The park also has picnic tables and BBQ areas, which are great places to eat and relax.