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One of the most exciting modern developments in gaming technology should, in my opinion, be Augmented Reality (AR). The possibilities that this technology offers to developers are endless and although AR is still in a rather primitive state, I am sure that technological developments will increase very rapidly over the next 5 years. 

For those of you who don't know what augmented reality is, the easiest way to define it is a virtual environment that combines or overlays a real environment to present a reality that we call augmented reality. You can use the augmented reality concept for your product visualization as well. There are many websites that provide augmented reality in e-commerce via

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Augmented Reality is currently being developed because of its use in everyday life. Imagine that you are a person with a very busy and busy lifestyle. Augmented Reality allows you to plug your device into recipes that let you go to work or exercise while accessing email, surfing the web and watching it all with your glasses. 

Augmented Reality, of course, has a much wider use and can be used in almost any scenario. What I really care about, however, is if you apply AR to the gaming industry. I recently wrote an article on the development of AR contact lenses. Imagine that you are a gamer who goes to the local jungle, career, beach or almost anywhere alone or with friends and can play a real-world first-person shooter with this AR lens.