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Basically, the most important and stressful event is the registration for their eldest kid. This is because, once your child has a sibling in the primary school of choice, you are almost guaranteed a place, since the younger siblings will be in phase 1 of the registration. You can also look for to get the best education.

So let's talk about how to improve the chances of getting your eldest kid into the school of choice. Once we understand the phases and priority of Amsterdam Primary School Registration, we can plan our activities towards achieving the highest possible chance for our eldest kid.

Before we begin a few things to understand.

A) Any vacancies after Phase 2A is split into 50-50 for phase 2B and phase 2C

B) If the number of applicants exceeds vacancies in the school, balloting will be done.

C) In the event of balloting, the priority is as follows:

– 1st: Kids living within 1 km from the school

– 2nd: Kids living within 1 to 2 km from the school

– 3rd: Kids living > 2 km from the school

So the strategy is this. To get into phase 2A if possible. If conditions do not permit, get yourself into phase 2B. Since if you fail to get an allocation in phase 2B, you can still try for phase 2C. Since popular schools are very competitive, pay close attention to the home-school distance.

Since phase 2A requires some existing condition which if parents meet will almost guarantee a slot for your kid, i shall not dwell on them.

Phase 2B is a phase where all parents starts at the same level. The best chance for Phase 2B is Phase 2B2. To get into phase 2B2,