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I am a high school junior and I was recently working at the concession stand at my school while a huge dance contest was taking place. It was interesting watching the moms and the way they came in with all the costumes and equipment they needed for the days events. It was very easy to spot the moms with the older kids because they were so well organized and had everything ready to go. The new moms with younger kids were running around trying to keep track of their kids and all the costumes and accessories.

I have a web design class and have to design a potential e-business web site and thought it would be a great idea to develop one for new dance moms. It could contain links for costume ideas, fabric choices, where to get affordable shoes, sewing machine reviews and other tips for these new moms. I have looked around the web and found sites for where pageants are and sewing machine reviews but none of them are under one site. Do you think this would be a worthwhile project for my class?

I am interested in hearing from those who may have experience in what I am intending to do as well as anyone with any constructive suggestions.